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About Us

 dogcatstar350.jpg (17236 bytes)
Pictured:  Dog w/Bone Color Fireworks Background, Happy Star/Happy Moon
w/Blue Plaid Background, & Cat w/Fishbone Pink Plaid Background

Purse Holders for Tables
a.k.a. Handbag Caddy/Caddies

As seen in many magazines and television shows.

They come with a black carrying pouch.

Keep your purse by your side, rather than on

the floor or on the back of your chair.

Only a limited quantity remain.
Please email us at
with your design/background choices

$8.50 each

Perfect for your Gucci or your Prada or your Guess
or your Louis Vutton or your Coach purse/handbag.
Why not get one for each purse?
Who likes transfering items back and forth between purses?

for wholesale inquiries, please email,

This item is very useful as you don't have to hold your purse
in your lap, put it on the floor, or hang it on your chair
at a restaurant.  There is an email going around
about how you shouldn't put your purse on the floor as
the floors are really dirty and hold a lot germs.
Added the handbag email that is floating around:
handbag email.

You can also hang umbrellas, backpacks, and shopping bags.

(However, we are not responsible should you walk away.
from the table without your purse...)

purseontable240.jpg (18095 bytes)

Available with your choice of background and design on the front.
The purse hanger circle measures about 1 3/8" in diameter.
Its long bar measures about 3 1/4" in length.

There may be a TWO to THREE DAY DELAY on your order,
because we may have to put your purse holder together.

* photo key chains should be kept out of the reach of small children & animals *

How does it work?
I took a few Physics classes in college, but
I really couldn't give you a term paper on it.
The weight of the purse is used with gravity to hold
the top of the purse holder onto the top of the table.
So, how does it work, again?
Underneath the circle design is a non-slip pad that
keeps the purse holder from flying off the table.
(see below)

backside240.jpg (14718 bytes)

I have a really heavy purse, will it hold it?
What do you carry in your purse?  Rolls of quarters?
We've tested it with a backpack full of books
(10 pounds) and it easily holds it.
It can probably hold your bowling ball!
Does it work on any table?
It works with any table, desk, flat surface that measure less
than 2 inches thick.  It works with or without a tablecloth.

purseholderpouches320.jpg (15761 bytes)
black and brown protective carrying pouches.

We are now out of the brown pouches


allcolors400.jpg (27791 bytes)
Background Choices.
From your left to right.
Top Row:
Pink Plaid, Pink Checker, Polka Dots, Pink Solid,
Peach w/Flowers, Yellow w/Flowers
Bottom Row:
Color Fireworks, Black & White Fireworks, Black & White Plaid,
Blue Plaid, Purple Plaid, Green w/Flowers

From your left to right.
Top Row:
Brown Flowers, Cream Lace, Stripes, Light Brown w/Flowers,
 Hot Pink Polka Dot
Bottom Row:
Purple Flowers, Spring Flowers, Green Plaid, and Purple Swirls

Please note:  The background on some of the more crazy
patterns (ex: fireworks) will vary slightly as we can't cut
the circle in the same spot every time!

Also, some background colors are sold out.
You can order the handbag caddies with just the
background pattern and no pewter design.  (same price)
Pick 'Plain, No Design' in the Design pull down menu...


holderontable240.jpg (16712 bytes)
Pictured:  Hula Frog w/Green Flower Background

Design Options   (some of them)

hflower copy.jpg (15121 bytes)

Happy Flower

fan.jpg (13577 bytes)



nicky.jpg (14434 bytes)

Nicky (Dog)

sheartbig.jpg (13085 bytes)

Squiggle Heart

catfish copy.jpg (14940 bytes)

Cat & Fishbone

hfrog.jpg (13534 bytes)

Hula Frog
w/o loop

hslippers.jpg (14020 bytes)

Hula Slippers

hpurse.jpg (14049 bytes)

Hula Purse

Lucky Frog (Big)
w/o loop

w/o loop

Only a limited quantity remain.
Please email us at
with your design/background choices

$8.50 each


purseholderwrapped240.jpg (21176 bytes)

You can special order other designs, (like the other flat charms),
but your order will be delayed 2-3 days because we will have
to glue your purse table holder.
Please send us an email if you would like to special order a purse holder. 

threeflowers350.jpg (22094 bytes)
Pictured:  Fan w/Peach Flower Background, Girl Musubi
w/Yellow Flowers Background, & Hula Frog w/Green Flower Background

Contacting Clayvision

1998-2013 Clayvision LLC/
disclaimer caddies    
* charms/pins/magnets/caddies should be kept out of the reach of small children & animals*
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